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Make a Donation

✓ Fund a nutritious meal

✓ Subsidize Medical, Legal,                 and Long-term Support                   Services

✓ Donate Children’s Toys

✓ Make a Difference


With your support, Speak Out for Surgery can rectify systematic healthcare disparities that affect children all over the country. Be part of the solution today.

Partner With Us

✓ Offer services to our students and their families

✓ Create volunteer partnerships

✓ Promote our events

✓ Become a Spokesperson



Successful partnerships with businesses, foundations, and organizations are at the core of our mission. Through bridging the gap in healthcare, our partners contribute to bigger smiles, better days, and brighter futures.

Volunteer with Us

✓ Join Our Organization

✓ Create Your Own Fundraiser

✓ Share Our Cause, Share Our              Stories


Nothing creates a bigger impact than people who are willing to actively shape our futures. Speak Out for Surgery welcomes those who wish to offer their time and passion to our organization.

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