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Take a look at some resources that we have compiled together in the form of visual guides, articles, relief funds, and mutual aid. 

A Quick Note Regarding COVID-19

Surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, we understand that many students and families may be facing difficulties right now. For additional support we are able to:

Please contact us for further information through email at or the contact form here.

Visual Guides

Our members have created visual guides on a variety of different topics. The guides offer information at a glance in addition to  websites that you can refer to for more in-depth and detailed information. Feel free to take a look at them and reach out to us with any questions that you might have. 

Nutritional Services

Take a look at some programs and resources around the greater Los Angeles area which help individuals with food and nutrition. 

Made by Claire Aseremo

Guide to Primary Care

Learn about some basics of primary care and how to make the most out of your visit with your primary care physician.

Made by Alicia Wang


Interested in learning more about the Medi-Cal process and how to possibly apply? Learn more about the basics of Medi-Cal and websites you can visit to find more information.  

Made by Emily Kennedy


Learn more about Microtia and navigate through the different pathways to finding a treatment and solution. 

Made by Ram Beri

Confidentiality and Self-Advocacy

Read more about your rights and advocating for yourself the next time you visit the doctor's office. It is extremely important to stay informed in order to give yourself a voice and get what you need. 

Made by Alicia Wang
Relief Funds

Legal Aid at Work has compiled the following list of relief funds. Some of these funds are open to everyone but others are exclusively for undocumented individuals. The spreadsheet includes the fund name, eligibility, how to apply, and the status on whether funds are still available. 

LA Food Bank

Take a look at the resources on the LA Food Bank's website to find more information on what they do and the resources they offer. Their interactive map will assist you in finding a local food bank near you.

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