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Cate Schroeder is a fourth year, pre-med Human Biology and Society major and Global Health minor from San Diego, CA. She has been a part of SOS since her first year at UCLA, serving as a member of Media Activism, then director of Outreach for two years, and now President. She is passionate about advocating for health equity (with special interests in LGBTQ+ and maternal-fetal health) and early, fundamental health education for youth. She is immensely grateful to her time in SOS for how much it has taught her about health disparities and resources, and she is excited for a final year with the SOS family! In her free time, Cate enjoys singing, playing guitar, and watching Grey's Anatomy. A fun fact is she could probably sleep through a literal apocalypse.

Mursall Mostamand

Director of Internal Relations

Mursall is a third year Neuroscience major from Riverside, CA. She joined SOS her freshman year because of how much the mission resonated with her passion for service and learning more about healthcare disparities, specifically in the Los Angeles area. Her favorite part of SOS has been the community she has been able to find on campus, so she is very excited to take on the Director position for Internal Relations, and increase our organization’s overall presence on campus, and create more opportunities for our members to really get to know one another! Outside of SOS, Mursall is involved in a few other organizations on campus, and enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

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Co-Director of External Relations

Shrinidhy is a third-year Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics major and Global Health minor from the Bay Area. She has been part of SOS since freshman year and is very passionate about healthcare equity and the disparities that exist, especially in metropolitan areas. She is especially interested in how this relates to research and healthcare policy, two fields she hopes to pursue in the future along with medicine. In her free time, Shrinidhy enjoys swimming, cooking, singing (but not well), and watching every Disney movie or TV show ever made. 


Namita Shyam

Co-Director of External Relations

Namita Shyam is a third-year Biology major from Santa Clarita, CA. After joining SOS during her first-year at UCLA, she gained a deeper understanding of the healthcare inequalities faced by underrepresented and underserved communities around LA. She is now striving to find ways to address these inequities by providing these communities with health resources and setting up volunteering opportunities for general members. Outside of SOS, she loves to travel, watch movies, and try new cuisines!

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Sameera Puri

Co-Director of Outreach

I am a fourth-year Neuroscience major and Spanish minor from Tucson, AZ. I am passionate about improving health disparities and inequities and seek to do my part through our Health Literacy Program. I hope to empower youth and those in underserved communities with the confidence to navigate the healthcare system and be self-advocates. In my free time I enjoy cooking (curries and spring rolls being some of my favorites!), trying new restaurants with friends, and spending time with those I love. 


Swetha Atluri.JPG


Co-Director of Financial

Swetha Atluri is a second-year Psychobiology major from the Bay Area. She is committed to looking for ways to address and reduce healthcare inequities in the general Los Angeles area. She hopes to advocate for community needs while also raising awareness of the detrimental consequences of socioeconomic and sociocultural disparities in the healthcare system. In her free time, Swetha enjoys dancing, playing chess, and hanging out with her friends!


Co-Director of Financial

Chloe Allen is a second year pre-Human Biology and Society major from Santa Cruz, CA. She joined Speak Out for Surgery during her first year at UCLA because of her passion and interest in creating a more equitable and accessible healthcare system. She feels that being a part of this wonderful organization has pushed her to meet many new, inspiring people and has exposed her to learning opportunities she may not have found inside of a traditional classroom. She is excited and humbled to support SOS’s projects this year through her work as financial co-director and connect families with valuable resources. Outside of SOS, she enjoys dancing, singing, listening to music, and laughing with friends.


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Megan Lu.JPG


Co-Director of Media Activism

Megan is a third-year Human Biology and Society major from Irvine, CA. She is passionate about all things health equity, with a special interest in studying disparities in access to substance abuse/addiction treatment. This year, she is excited to work with the Media Activism committee on new projects to promote awareness and education surrounding health inequity in the greater Los Angeles area. Outside of SOS, you can find her baking, playing the bass, or single-handedly trying the entire Trader Joe's frozen food section :-)


Sanjana Borle

Co-Director of Outreach

Sanjana is a fourth year Physiological Science major and Global Health minor from Cupertino, CA. She has been a part of Speak Out for Surgery since her freshman year and has learned a lot about health disparities and health equity by being a member of the club. By previously being on the Interview, Advocacy, and Outreach committees, she has gotten multiple opportunities to work on projects which all seek to tackle health disparities in some way or another. Outside of SOS, Sanjana likes to be active and spend time outdoors, as well as try new foods and spend time with friends and family.

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Co-Director of Media Activism



Co-Director of Interview


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