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Internal Director

Mursall Mostamand - 4th Year Neuroscience Major

I joined SOS to be part of a community that is passionate about health equity and service! SOS’s mission aligns with mine as I pursue a future career as a physician that incorporates work in underserved communities.


Swetha Atluri - 3rd Year Psychobiology Major

I joined SOS because I immediately connected with the club's mission of addressing health equity and promoting health literacy in underserved communities. I strongly believe that access to accurate and reliable health information is essential for individuals to make informed decisions about their health.

Outreach Co-Director

Sophia Rind - 4th Year Biology major & Global Health minor

I joined SOS because I am passionate about increasing health literacy in the LA community and decreasing healthcare disparities. I was drawn to SOS’s mission to improve health equity through advocacy, volunteering, and activism.

Outreach Co-Director

Shubhreet Bhullar - 2nd Year Biochemistry Major

I joined SOS to gain valuable leadership experience and make a positive impact on tackling the issue of healthcare inequity.

Media Activism Director

Megan Lu - 4th Year Human Biology & Society Major

I joined SOS bc of its commitment to health equity, especially on a local scale.

Interview Co-Director

Manahil Gill - 2nd Year Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology Major

I joined SOS to meet other students who were passionate about healthcare justice and making a tangible impact on our community!
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Interview Co-Director

Shrinidhy Srinivas - 4th Year MIMG Major & Global Health Minor

Joined to meet other like-minded people passionate about health equity and justice!

Financial Director

Chloe Allen - 3rd Year Human Biology & Society Major

I joined SOS to learn more about social determinants of health and further the cause of health equity in the Los Angeles community! 
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