Evelyn Hinojosa is a fourth-year Human Biology and Society major. From South Central Los Angeles, she has seen how socioeconomic factors impact access to quality healthcare and hopes to make a change in her community by becoming a physician and bringing awareness to disparities. As Advocacy Director, she connects the patients we serve with resources that best fit their needs and is responsible for keeping a database of resources available to simplify this process. In her free time she enjoys working with kids on the Pediatric floor of Ronald Reagan and at a UCLA daycare as well as taking trips to the beach and tending to her succulents.


Co-Financial Chair

Neha is a fourth-year undergraduate from Sacramento, California majoring in Human Biology and Society and minoring in Global Health. As a Co-Financial chair, Neha hopes to fundraise as much money as possible for people in underserved communities while educating her peers about healthcare disparities in Los Angeles. Outside of UCLA, Neha runs a free medical clinic for homeless populations in Kolkata, India. Neha’s experiences abroad and in Los Angeles have motivated her to work towards creating sustainable and equitable change in the healthcare field. In her free time, Neha enjoys spending time with friends, facetiming her little brother, and watching movies! 



Co-Financial Chair

Alicia is a third year undergraduate from Arcadia, California majoring in psychobiology. As a co-financial chair, Alicia wants to connect vulnerable communities with resources they need as well as raise awareness about different healthcare disparities to the general population. She wants to continue to learn more about how to take steps to initiate change in the healthcare conversation towards being more inclusive. Currently on a pre-med path, Alicia aspires to become a physician that is aware and acknowledges the inequalities in the access to healthcare and implements that in her practice. Outside of SOS, she loves to watch anime, play valorant, and go on food adventures!


Internal Outreach Director

Hannah Pham is a third-year Pre-Human Biology and Society Major from San Diego, CA. She joined SOS during her first year at UCLA and became passionate about raising awareness for health inequities. She hopes to be an advocate for those underprivileged and under-resourced. Additionally, she aims to break down the stigma that can come with seeking aid. In her free time, Hannah enjoys playing lacrosse, going to the beach, watching movies, and going to concerts!



External Outreach Director

Cate Schroeder is a second-year Pre-Human Biology and Society major from San Diego, CA. She is passionate about pursuing work in medicine, global health, and human rights, so she can help combat the barriers and prejudices people face within and beyond the healthcare system. She aims to provide patients with tools and resources to advocate for themselves, while encouraging physicians to call out unjust policies and fight for every patient’s health. In her free time, Cate loves laughing with friends (probably too loud, sorry neighbors), sketching random celebrities (send suggestions!), and binging Grey’s Anatomy for the nth time.


Co-Media Activism Director

Adrian is honored to be serving as the Visual Arts Director for Speak Out for Surgery. Currently, he is a fourth year Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology student at UCLA. Outside of academics, his hobbies and interests include swimming, basketball, and photography. In addition to physical activities, he also enjoys “static” pastimes, such as munching on food while binge watching television shows. Although these joys are true to his heart, Adrian resonates the most with doing his part to help those in need. As such, he feels humbled to be a part of this organization and looks forward to working with others.


Co-Media Activism Director

Guadalupe Sandoval, also known as Lupe, is a fourth year English Major at UCLA. With her background in English, she is undertaking the role of Writing Director for Speak Out for Surgery. She is no stranger to Netflix binge watching, and is always looking for new movie and show recommendations! Overall, Lupe is easily approachable and always open to making new friends. As a member of the Eastern Coachella Valley, she has seen how narratives can shape the way others view populations, regions, and communities especially when it comes to their everyday lives and their struggles. She aspires to be a role model who inspires her community’s youth to pursue higher education, and consequently resolve the everyday obstacles that her community endures.


Interview Coordinator

Arisbeth Verduzco is a fourth-year undergraduate from Compton, California majoring in Chicana/o Studies and minoring in Anthropology. Being raised in Compton, and seeing how the healthcare system has failed the poorer regions on Los Angeles, Arisbeth hopes to become a physician in marginalized communities. In particular, she aims to break down the stigma that comes with seeking help, especially within women. In her free time, Arisbeth enjoys playing with her dog Lady, trying new restaurants and going on spontaneous adventures!



Development Director

Sai Sreenivasan is a fourth-year Human Biology and Society major from Potomac, MD. When she's not in class, you can probably find her at Ronald Reagan conducting clinical interviews in the Neurology Department. Over the summer she participated in the Global Health study abroad program Peru and also serves as a Travel Study Ambassador. Her future career goals consist of working in the field of women’s health equity and adopting as many dogs as possible!



Advocacy Director

Susanna Givan is a second year undergraduate student from San Diego majoring in Microbiology, Immunology and Molecular Genetics and minoring in Biomedical Research. As the Advocacy Director, she helps connect patients with the resources they need and is very excited to begin researching and campaigning for policy change centered around health equity this year! In her spare time, she loves to travel, collect rocks, cook and read. She is passionate about raising awareness for health inequities and creating thoughtful change.